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If Tolkien was a poet like Zelazny...

I'm on volume 5 now of the Zelazny collection, and found these two gems there. I don't think they exist anywhere online, so I thought I'd share.

Song of the Ring (1964)

You wore me like a wound,
from Shire to Khazad-dum;
you bore me through Moria,
and the place called Shelob's Lair.
Now you stand dismayed,
before the Cracks of Doom

--Place me on your finger,
and let the world beware!

I wait to wear your finger.
Do not, do not delay!
Even now, the red red eye
is turning, turning-- this way!

For I am the Ring of Power---
A whole world lives in me!
A sing with your soul and mind;
I burn eternally.

You are the Lord of the Ring,
and might Sauron's bane.
Wear me now, forfend his will,
and his darkling reign!
End it here, begin your own,
revise a world this day--

I am the Ring of Power
That Will Not Pass Away.

I am the Cry in the Night,
and binder of the Three--
and the Seven, and the Nine--
then Dwarves and Elves
and men to me.
I rule the ninteen Rings,
from here in the Land of Shade.
I am the Wheel of Fire--
Be all the world afraid!

I am the song the Nazgul sings,
soaring high, on leathern wings;
and I the Shadow, and I the Smore;
I, the blackening of the day...

Place me on your finger now,
not in the flames below!

Yea! Place me on your finger, Lord,

my worthy Lord of the Rings!

Day of Doom (1966)

A very misunderstood person,
Lord Sauron,
in his time,
an incontrovertibly impossible feat:
i.e., the unification
of all nations and peoples
into a single, world body
(admittedly headed by himself)
for purposes of
eliminating national boundries,
abolishing war,
and assuring domestic tranquility.

He failed, of course.

It was that damnable Ring
that hung him up.
When cast into the flames
it showed its true colors:
like a donut--
hole surrounded by small substance
empty as an election promise
or an unloved woman--
it didn't rule and find
or bring and bind:
it flared brightly,
then went out,

taking with it
Lord Sauron
his mounted police
his Great Vision
and the Land of Mordor
where the shadows used to lie,

not to mention
the final gesture
of a finger slowly roasting,
right before the closed-circuit closing
of Mordor's bleak, Big-Brother bloodshot eye.

An Orc band began playing
the Mordorian natiunal anthem
when the lights went out in Khazad-dum
Saruman was heard to say
"Thus does Life repay its patrons."
Gamgee cried.
Gollum fried.
Gandalf blessed the troops.
A sad time was had by the trolls.
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