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New to LJ, but not new to Roger Zelazny. First book I read and still my fav is Night In The Lonesome October. I own two hard back copies just to be safe ;) - but I first heard it on audio cassette! <shivers>  Have been a fan for many years, but just a few before ill-fated 1995. I have only a few autographs, but sadly, none of them were to me in person. I have not read the new prequel trilogy thing, it just kinda hangs out on the shelf. BTW, I have read Donnerjack but I cannot make myself read Lord Demon. It's kinda embarassing, but if i read it, I think that I will feel that it's over - there's nothing new ever again. So I am kinda reluctant to read it.  I do absolutely love Donnerjack, though.  I don't mean to sound melanchoy, but reading Zelazny's books helped me out during some tough times growing up, most especially in high school. But at least here somebody else may feel the way I do, so that can be a good thing. Anybody ever play the Amber dice/board game?
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